Gallery V2

Tree Branch Interaction

See Dynamics and Control of Aerial Vehicles for Prolonged Physical Interaction for details.

Separating Tree Branches with a Drone

Separating “Branches” – Asymmetric Loads

Separating “Branches” – Rolled

Autonomous Branch Sampling with a Drone

Human-Drone Interaction

See Human Drone Physical Interaction for details.

Human Drone Physical Interaction

Autonomous Navigation

See Autonomous Surveying of Plantation Forests using Multi-Rotor UAVs for details.

Autonomous navigation through a plantation forest

Autonomous Laboratory Navigation

High-Speed Path Tracking

Overactuation Demonstration

See Experimental Validation of a UAV Configuration Optimisation Algorithm for details.

Horizontal Thrust Demonstration on an Over-actuated Drone

Control Demonstration

See H-Infinity Controller Testing for Wind Disturbance Rejection of a Homogeneous Octorotor UAV and Wind Disturbance Rejection on an Over-Actuated Drone using Model Predictive Control for details.

Station Keeping in Wind with H-infinity Control

Wind Tunnel Testing of Model Predictive Control

Airborne Meteorology

See Measuring the Wind from a Drone for details.

Measuring the Wind from a Drone


Flight in the Wind Tunnel