DTRG in Aachen

This week (11-15 September, 2023) the Drone Technology Research Group was in Aachen, Germany, for the 14th Annual International Micro Aerial Vehicles Conference and Competition, hosted by RWTH Aachen. We had no fewer than seven papers at this conference, which can be checked out on our publications page:

  • Analysis of the Transient Response of UAV Rotors
  • Assessing the Agility of a Variable-Tilt UAV
  • Model Predictive Control on an Over-actuated Octocopter for Wind Disturbance Rejection
  • Performance Comparisons on Fully-Actuated Multirotors with Different Actuation Modes
  • Analysis of admittance control for a fully-actuated, tactile UAV
  • Determining the moment of inertia tensor of a UAV using a motion capture system
  • Measuring Disturbance Response of a Fully-Actuated UAV using Surging Flow Wind Tunnel Experiments

DTRG also entered the Indoors Competition, a challenge of collecting and stacking payload cones while navigating obstacles. Black Bee Drones from the Federal University of Itajubá, Brazil, (3rd Place) succeeded in creating an autonomous line-following craft, while DIPOL from HS Nordhausen, Germany, (1st Place) used an innovative arm system to be the only team to successfully stack cones. DTRG entered as Team Fantail, ultimately coming 2nd place with the smallest and lightest aircraft entered.